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During the past thirty-three years, I have hunted most of the world while collecting 135 different species of animals. Each of these animals is a trophy to me, a story and a very valuable memory. That is why I have trusted Bud Jones as my taxidermist since 1983. In all that time, he and his wife, Jackie, have faithfully produced realistic and high quality taxidermy. What really impresses visitors to my trophy room is the fact that the animals that are over twenty years old look just as good as those received in the current year.
Bud and Jackie Jones are not only great taxidermists, but great people who always exhibit the highest personal and business ethics. They truly understand great customer service.
Hugh Jacks
Past President, Alabama Chapter – Safari Club International
Past President, BellSouth

I have hunted in forty-seven countries, written three books and countless articles on these experiences.  For twenty-five years all my trophies have been entrusted to Bud Jones Taxidermy. His excellent life-like preparation and reasonable prices have made his shop the only place for my valuable trophies.

Dr. Lloyd Newberry
Senior Editor, Sporting Classics Magazine

Bud Jones has worked with the Anniston Museum of Natural History since the inception of the Museum’s Environments of Africa exhibit in 1976. Bud and his staff worked on the mounts in this exhibit, including mounting the life-size elephant! Bud and his staff work closely with us, performing our taxidermy mounting work on all of our exhibit halls. Bud Jones Taxidermy is widely known for quality work and an extremely high level of expertise. We recommend them often. From mounting, to repairs and conservation, their work is always of the highest quality.

Cheryl Bragg, Executive Director
Anniston Museum of Natural History
Anniston, Alabama